Would you like to:

•Feel better about where you are right now?
•Release stress, doubt, worry, fear, struggle, guilt, sadness, disappointment… from your life?
•Allow more of what you DO want in life, learning, parenting, your career, your health, your relationships?
•Navigate more easily through life transitions?
•Experience more joy, abundance and fulfillment?
•Extend more compassion and loving kindness toward yourself and others?

Dr. Ilze works with individuals and families (children, adolescents, parents) to access their own strengths and resources, to create solutions that enable them to live happy, balanced and fulfilled lives.

Recognizing that people are at different points in their journeys, she meets people where they are at the moment – Dr. Ilze views the bumps in the road as opportunities for growth, learning, and ways to get to greater clarity about what you DO want instead.

Dr. Ilze’s work is grounded in the integration of narrative and solution-focused thinking, positive psychology perspectives and approaches, ways of exploring and supporting balance in mind, body, and spirit, Enneagram wisdom, and the underlying knowledge that everything is energy.