The one thing you do have control over in life is how you choose to respond to, think about, and feel in relation to all that is going on around you (in relationships, family, finances, work, your future plans/visions/opportunities, health, fitness, time management…) The better you can feel about where you are right now, the more able you will be to create more of what you do want in the future. The releasing of tricky feelings and thoughts is important so that you do not get caught up in what you are not feeling satisfied with. The thoughts and feelings that we get caught up in, can trick us into forgetting to live our lives fully in each moment. This can rob us of the experiences, connections and opportunities that are real and available to us right now. Forgetting to be in the moment creates space for regrets to grow.

Releasing or letting go helps you shift into a more expansive way of being no matter what is going on. This allows you to be more open to noticing more favorable options. Letting go is about releasing the feelings that are hurting us, numbing us and distracting us, so that we can be more present and deliberate in what we are creating and experiencing in our relationships and in our lives.

Releases happen in all kinds of ways: welcoming and releasing what you notice, the Sedona method, tapping, practicing mindfulness and consciously choosing to be in the moment, walking, breathing, smiling, laughing, creating time for your work and whatever is important to you, lingering in gratitude, choosing to feel the best that you can feel in any given situation no matter how favourable or tricky it appears to be, appreciating the positives…

Remember, All is Well. We learn from every moment. Trust more. There is value in every experience and every moment of life. Enjoy the ride no matter how it shows up.