About asking yourself more expansive and empowering questions… Another great way to help shift your energy in a more positive and expansive direction is to ask yourself expansive and empowering questions. They are a tool to reach for when you feel stuck, need help, or when you want to inspire your way into action. They can serve the purpose to help move you towards the outcomes you desire, to believe that they are possible, and to remember that you already have the inner resources needed to succeed. Expansive and empowering questions focus on the what, who, and how. This focus calls in possibilities from the Universe, and presupposes that the desired outcome is attainable, that you have inner resources to tap into, that there are outside supports available, and that you are already able to create positive and successful outcomes. Whatever you focus on is available. Empowering questions open you to those possibilities.

  • How can I be even more aware of the infinite opportunities and possibilities that surround me in my life right now?
  • What can I do: to get even more on track with reaching my fitness goals?; to feel an even greater sense of fulfillment in my relationships?; to create even more money?
  • Who do I already know who can help me in this situation?
  • How can I be even more focused?
  • What can I do to even better support my learning? How can I remember and access all the information that I have learned even better and more easily for my test/exam?

These examples presuppose that what you are asking already exists and is possible, and that you are already in the process of getting to where you want to go.

I find that when we interact with life challenges, we often limit our responses to the same familiar ones. Imagine driving on a road at night and all you see is that which is illuminated by your headlights. What expansive and empowering questions can help you do is to remember that, in addition to what you see in your headlights (or what is familiar), there is a whole world of possibility, that is in darkness at the moment, ready and waiting to be accessed. Expansive questions help you call in and connect to all of those possibilities. Have fun asking your way towards more of what you want to create in life!