If it feels like there is trickiness surfacing in your life, especially in recent months, you are not alone! Not only is it the regular change of seasons from winter to spring/summer and the natural period of cleansing that this transition invites, we are also in the midst of, from spiritual perspectives, what is being called “the shift”; a period of great cleansing, transition and change for Earth.

How this applies to every day life is that people are experiencing challenges; many reporting that they are of greater frequency and/or intensity than in the normal flow of life. It is a time of paradoxes. There is expanding consciousness and desire for peace on the planet, nature is exhibiting greater extremes in activity and self-cleansing, and there are conflicts as imbalances in power are shifting and correcting.

This is a wonderful time to draw on the many skills and embrace the shifts in perspective that we have been referencing through our clinic newsletters, in our practices, and on our website in recent years.

What we focus on we create.

From this perspective, remembering to practice more mindfulness in everyday life, be in the moment, and respond to conflicts and challenges with more compassion and loving-kindness to yourself and others has a grounding effect.

Ask more expansive questions.

Use the contrast of suboptimal experiences or outcomes to get clearer about what you DO want.

Choose the thought, feeling or action that feels a little bit better.

Read, listen to and engage with people, experiences and ideas that inspire you.

When you face a challenge, respond to it appropriately; love it and let it go.

How does it feel to breathe, to smile, to laugh? These are all such beautiful and simple ways to surrender and release that which no longer serves you.

Be grateful for what you already have and are.

Remember to use your tools to create a more comfortable ride. If you need some help, you know where to find us. All is well.