We are learning more from both scientific and spiritual perspectives that “where your focus and attention go, energy flows”. This means the more you engage with a thought, experience, or feeling the more it affects you; whether it is expansive or constrictive, “positive” or “negative”. We naturally begin to resonate more with what we focus on, even if it is something that we do not want or like.

When your attention goes to something expansive (like appreciating or being with people you love, engaging in activities that energize and inspire you, playing with children or pets, getting a new hair cut or wearing something that feels good) this naturally leads to a greater feeling of expansiveness.

In contrast, when your attention gets stuck in constrictive experiences and circumstances (like unpaid bills, challenging relationships, stressors at school or work, disappointments, wanting something you seemingly cannot have) it leads to a feeling of greater constriction in your energy. In this state, even the range of other possible (more positive) outcomes and solutions seems to collapse and become difficult to access.

One way to respond to constrictive feelings, thoughts or situations is to consciously choose “better feeling” thoughts, feelings and actions. Interestingly, just the act of choosing a response that feels a little bit better begins to shift your focus and attention. This helps bring you back more into alignment with what feels better for you overall. Making this shift creates a more expansive way of being.

When you notice being in a constrictive state, appreciate that you’ve noticed! The act of noticing reminds you that you have a choice about what to do next. It reminds you that you can choose where to focus your attention now. Raising your awareness and practicing ways to shift your own focus and attention to feel better, increases your chance of getting there with more ease.