About Dr. Ilze

headshot Ilze MatissDr. Ilze’s extensive training and experience in counselling, coaching, consultation and assessment helps her fulfill her passion of guiding conscious, heart-centered people like you to re-connect with your own inner beauty, wisdom and resources (as learners, as teachers, as parents, as individuals, as fellow human beings…), so that you can align your energy with what you want to create in your life. She guides you to shift perspectives, change energy and focus thoughts, in order to bring more buoyancy and hopefulness to life challenges.

Dr. Ilze Arielle Matiss is
 a Registered Psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario and a member of the Ontario Psychological Association. Dr. Ilze brings more than twenty years of experience in the fields of school psychology, education and counseling to her practice. She earned her Ph.D. (1998) in School Psychology and her M.A. (1987) in Early Childhood Focus in Psychology from the Department of Applied Psychology at University of Toronto/OISE. She completed her B.Sc. (1986) at the University of Toronto majoring in Psychology and Women’s Studies.

Following the completion of her Ph.D. she participated in a 3-year Externship program in Solution-Focused and Narrative Practices through the Brief Therapy Training Institute at the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre in Toronto (1999-2002). She is also a certified EmpowermentPlus® Level III practitioner (2006). Dr. Ilze began integrating life coaching into her practice in 2008 completing the Awakening the Coach Within coaching training course for therapists with Ellen Goldhar White. Completing the Coaching with the Enneagram Certificate Program with Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph.D. (2012) and The Dynamic Enneagram Certification Training with Tom Condon (2015) as well as Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition trainings (2014-present) has allowed her to integrate Enneagram wisdom into coaching and counselling work. Dr. Ilze has continued intensive study and integration of Enneagram work in her practice.

Dr. Ilze also has extensive training and experience with psychological and educational assessment and diagnosis through her successful career as a school psychologist, and is able to provide consultation support to clients.

As a life-long learner, her personal and professional development is furthered on an ongoing basis through coaching, professional and personal development courses, reading and research. Dr. Ilze is continually exploring and integrating new ways of working with and guiding her clients. Her work is grounded in the integration of narrative and solution-focused thinking, positive psychology perspectives and approaches, spiritual perspectives and awareness, ways of exploring and supporting balance in mind, body, and spirit, Enneagram wisdom, and the underlying knowledge that everything is energy.