Self knowledge is key in the journey to happy, healthy relationships, more balanced and meaningful life and work experiences, and navigating life transitions and challenges with greater ease and confidence.

Dr. Matiss integrates the Enneagram and other holistic and psychological perspectives in helping you develop greater self-awareness, foster more self-acceptance, and promote further self-development, which translates into getting more of what you do want in life.

Dr. Ilze offers counselling, life coaching, consultation services and networking to support conscious, heart-centered clients like you with a variety of issues, including: successfully navigating through life transitions; gaining clarity about life purpose and career decisions; creating greater balance, improved health and sense of well-being; supporting explorations of spiritual awakening and integration of these ideas into everyday life; living life more mindfully; creating more satisfying relationships; parenting with more ease, joy and confidence; learning tools and perspectives to respond more effectively to worry, stress and other life challenges; taking positive, holistic approaches to attentional challenges (ADHD); supporting needs related to learning, developing helpful strategies, and thriving at school; passing exams and finishing degree requirements; answering questions related to intellectual development and learning.

Dr. Ilze also facilitates workshops on a variety of topics. Learn more about upcoming workshops.

Practices and interests include mindfulness, guided visualization, meditation and relaxation practices, ways of working with energy, accelerated learning strategies and techniques, NLP, intuitive work, and ways of releasing and letting go. Her work is grounded in the integration of narrative and solution-focused thinking, positive psychology perspectives and approaches, ways of exploring and supporting balance in mind, body, and spirit, exploring and integrating Enneagram wisdom, and the underlying knowledge that everything is energy.

Working from the perspective that everything is energy, there are many ways to support and channel your energy in healthy positive ways. Different tools and supports are helpful and appropriate at different times in people’s lives. Dr. Ilze works in cooperation with a vibrant community of complementary health care professionals. She considers additional supports for her clients, when needed, that are in alignment with their beliefs, needs, interests, and budgets.

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