Dr. Ilze facilitates workshops on a variety of topics. At the foundation of all of her work is her passion for the perspective that everything is energy. This perspective guides her to bring compassion, loving-kindness, hope and humour into exploring the bumps in the road of life. Dr. Ilze is able to help workshop participants shift perspectives, create more wiggle room in their  perception of life experiences, and offers tools and strategies with which to feel more courageous and confident to engage with what experiences life brings them.

Specific topics include:

How to Create More Happiness; Parenting with more Ease, Joy and Confidence; So You’ve Had a Spiritual Awakening, Now What?; The Peace Be With You Project Workshop; The Gratitude Workshop; How to use Mindmaps in LIfe; Introducing the Enneagram; Worry Less, Trust More – Connecting with Your Inner Wisdom/Guidance; Where Your Attention Goes Energy Flows – How to Create More of What You Do Want.

A new series of workshops with a focus on Energy, Psychology & You will be offered in the near future.